Welcome to Pomorie

Pomorie resort has an unique natural datum which makes it attractive for all-season vacation and healing. The town (about 14 5000 citizens) is situated on narrow rocky peninsular, 3,5 km juts out into the sea. Lies remote from Bourgas about 20 km. Pomorie is established in IV century BC near by salt lake which the ancient Thracian was named “sacred” because of its healing properties. The the town there are the optimum climate: humid and breezy summer, long autumn and soft winter. The middle temperature in July is 23.60C. The succession of the breezes from the sea to the land and vice versa refreshes the air – it is reach of ozone, ultra-violet reys and iodine and cations in the morning. The autumn is warm and long because of the slow cooling of the sea water. The middle temperature then is 20.50C.

Categorically is proved that the healing mud from the Pomorie salt lake is one the best in the world of its properties. Many diseases – like gynaecological, post-traumas stauses or of the motor nerve system, are successfully treated in the modern sanatoriums in the town. In 2007 the town was announced as Bulgaria’s capital of spatourism.